Ford F-150 Lightning Prices Raised for the Fourth Time Since Launch

Ford has announced a price increase for its F-150 Lightning, marking the fourth time that the vehicle's cost has gone up since its launch. The "Pro" base trim of the Lightning now costs $59,974, not including a $1,895 shipping charge, which is significantly higher than its initial price of $39,974. Other models in the lineup, including the Lariat and Platinum trims, are also seeing price hikes. According to Automotive News, the Lariat trim is up $1,500 to $77,869, while the Platinum model has risen $1,200 to $99,969.

The only model that seems to be unaffected by the price increase is the XLT trim, which saw a price increase to $63,474 in December 2021 and has remained there. However, this is still a significant jump from the truck's original price of $52,974.

The F-150 Lightning has faced a number of challenges since its launch, including a battery fire that led to production and shipment pauses, as well as a recall of more than a dozen trucks. These issues have not been ideal for the company, especially as it focuses on electrification and makes significant workforce cuts.

CNBC reports that Ford has restarted production of the Lightning, but it does not necessarily mean that the vehicle will be more accessible to consumers. Both the company's consumer and pro websites state that the "current model year is no longer available for retail order" due to high demand and the resulting higher prices.

Rivian's R1T is the F-150 Lightning's biggest competition, with a starting price of around $73,000. The company is telling customers that they should not expect delivery until at least fall 2023, and delays and price changes are always possible.

Tesla's Cybertruck is also still shrouded in mystery, with pricing, availability, and even the status of its windshield wipers all up in the air.

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