VanMoof Unveils S4 and X4 E-Bikes with Adaptive Motor Support and Advanced Security Features

VanMoof has unveiled their latest mid-range e-bikes, the S4 and X4, which are designed to offer premium features at a more accessible price point. With a price tag of $2,498, the S4 and X4 are $1,000 less expensive than VanMoof's top-of-the-range S5 and X5 bikes.

One of the main changes to these e-bikes is the transition to adaptive motor support and a two-speed gear hub, making them more straightforward and reliable. While the gear system may be different from the previous models, the range is expected to be similar, with 60-150 km depending on the rider and riding conditions. The bikes also come with a turbo-boost button on each side of the handlebars, allowing riders to easily switch between modes.

vanmoof ebike announcement

VanMoof's advanced security features are still present on the S4 and X4 models, including an integrated fourth-generation Kick Lock that locks the rear wheel with a tap, anti-theft technology, and onboard alarms and location tracking. However, the company has removed the halo ring lighting and USB-C charging port for the SX4 model.

The design of the S4 and X4 e-bikes has also been updated, with a range of punchy colors available, including Evergreen, Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog, and Foam Green. This is a significant departure from VanMoof's mostly monochrome designs of the past.

The S4 and X4 e-bikes are currently available for pre-order on VanMoof's website. The Evergreen model is already on sale in Europe, with sales in the US set to start in late May. The new e-bikes offer premium features and build quality at a lower price point, making them an attractive option for riders looking to invest in an e-bike without breaking the bank.

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